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Welcome to Your Corner of the World

Are you looking for your corner of the world?

Are you in recovery and struggling to find a place in the world where you feel comfortable? A place to express yourself freely, clearly and without fear of judgement, well this is that place.

Everybody who comes into recovery goes through a period of adjustment while they try to find their voice. That could be within their family, their community and the world in general.

The recovery corner is a space where you are encouraged, supported and empowered by a community of like hearted people to share your story in your voice that reflects you and your experience.

What we are all about


We want you to know you are not alone. You are in the company of people who understand what others may call “your weird thinking and out there sense of humour”. We get that you may sometime have trouble expressing yourself and that is ok.


In your life you may identify as being in recovery. That might be recovery from drug/alcohol, mental health, eating disorders or any other particular ways of living that have made you feel different and unsure where you fit in.
Whatever is not working for you in your life, this is where you can name it, claim it and tame it so that you can move beyond the limitations that have held you back.


If you are in recovery you may have struggled to say what is on your mind. Communication is more than the just words we speak. It is the the expressions we make, the stance we take, the tone we use and the things we leave unsaid.
What you have to say in important and we will help you to bring all the elements together to make sure your voice is heard.



We understand the weight and burden that you may have been struggling with.
Sometimes it is hard to see a clear vision of what a life without that burden can be like. This is where you can find clarity, inspiration and motivation to help you move towards a more self directed way of being in the world.

We Are a Company of Passionate Communicators, Trainers and Facilitators.

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Need support with interview skills, presentations or public speaking? Let me help you build the skill to get your message across.